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Tilda Circus Star Applique/Paper Piecing Stars

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Tilda Circus Paper Piece Applique Stars - 125 Pieces

You have enough papers for 17 stars. Each star is 5.2" or 13.3cm

You are purchasing the Tilda Paper Pieces for applique

Note: you are only purchasing the paper pieces only shown in the first image, NOT the quilt, fabric or any other items shown

Many of you know about freezer paper appliqué, and this is kind of the same technique except the paper pieces are pre cut witch will save you a lot of work.

Here is how you do it:

Place the card template on the fabric. Cut about 0,25-0,3 in outside the edge of the template for small pieces and 0,4 in for larger once. When using very small pieces make sure the edge of the fabric is not too large to be folded around the template.

Place the card template against the wrong side of the fabric piece. Spread glue along the edge of the template. Try to avoid getting glue on the edge.
Fold the fabric around the edge of the template, see figure A. On small pieces it might be easier to use a flower stick or the like instead of your fingers.

Sew the bumblebees and fabric covered pieces on to the background fabric using small “invisible” stitches around the edge. Try not to sew through the templates. Then cut trough the background fabric from the back and coax out the card pieces. It can be helpful to use tweezers to get the small pieces out.

If the cut-up edges on the back refuse to sit smoothly, you can glue them towards the middle of the applique with some Paper Piece glue.

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